Learner’s Submission: The Potential Users of RBME Systems in Justal Limited and the Incentives in Pursuing this M&E System

“This study examines the potential use of Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation (RBME) by Justal Limited, a consulting company located in Trinidad and Tobago. Further, the study also explores the company’s interests and incentives in pursuing this type of monitoring and evaluation.

Justal Limited has been at the forefront of public sector service transformation in the Caribbean for the past ten years and has an outstanding track record of high quality project delivery.  The company has a first-class reputation in the consulting marketplace and is in significant demand by public sector clients across the Caribbean. Increasingly, the company is being contacted by new clients who are looking for a specialist public sector transformation firm to help them significantly enhance service standards and operational efficiency within their respective organization.

The company is a leader in all aspects of public sector transformation and can provide individual specialists or multi-skilled teams to assist with any type of service transformation initiative. The company is known for having leading-edge skills and solid track record of successful projects.

PSTG understands the “Business of Government” and, more importantly, how to successfully improve the quality and efficiency of public sector service delivery.

A number of public sector consultancies have been carried out in St. Vincent, Bermuda, Grenada, Bahamas, Jamaica and Dominica. Many of these assignments involved partnering with various Governments to develop and implement public sector transformation initiatives funded by donor and lending organizations like the World Bank, European Union, Inter American Develop Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The RBME methodology is particularly useful to the Consultants employed by Justal Limited, since the majority of clients are from Governments in different Caribbean countries that have secured donor funding for public sector transformation. A particular feature of RBME is the linking of programme inputs and outcomes to the programme goals, by relying on SMART performance indicators to measure performance. As a result M&E reports, under this method, can be presented in highly structured manner to allow Government and stakeholders to quickly establish whether promises and goals were kept or not.

A major strength of RBME is ability to contribute to capacity building and sustainability of programmes. Many of our clients, having received donor funding and grants, are required to objectively demonstrate the impact and sustainability of the various programmes and this then becomes our modus operandi, when our consultants are retained to conduct monitoring and evaluation of these programmes.

RBME is rooted in performance management which ensures that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. It puts a strong focus on aligning unit and individual performance with the overall preferred results of the organization and also provides a consistent frame of reference during ongoing feedback about performance. In this context, our consultants are in a better position to under M&E assignments that are pegged to performance management, which has the added advantage of allowing policymakers the opportunity to identify and manage performance related issues associated with the various programmes

Thus, by using RBME, the consultants retained by Justal Limited are in a better position to conduct M&E exercises and more importantly, prepare very structured and logical technical reports on programmes that show the link between programme goals and outcomes.” – Franklin Ali – San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago


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