Learner’s Submission: Social Media in Tanzania

“Social media channels can be referred to mass communications which are given in the societies through various mediums. These mediums can be televisions, radios, the press {newspapers – journalism}. Society and country at large are much more affected by the usage of these social media channels.

The meaning of the Government refers to the body of persons given an authority to govern the state on behalf of all Citizens of the Country. It is the Government which ha the responsibility of ensuring the welfare of its Citizens. Since the Country is large and it has to reach all the corners of the Country, therefore; the Government is enabled to get information by the usage of social media channels. Tanzania Government has is providing very great degree of freedom to social media channels with the purpose of making them as a pillar in assisting the Government to the day-to-day occurrences and the Government easy to work upon. For this reason our Government uses televisions, radios, press, internet, Facebook pages, twitter accounts, telephones to get information and claims of the Citizens.

Social media channels is playing a great role in Tanzania Government; Tanzanians are now contributing their views to the constitutional review, they present their views to the Commission through mobile phones, internet, twitter accounts, Facebook pages, televisions by conducting debates about the Constitution and the Country which they want. This is much enabling the boosting of constitutional review, it is about 27,992 people visited the commissions’ Facebook page and about 6,909 participants sent views through chart message services. This gives life our constitution review to the good progress. These are the efforts taken by the Government targeting at boosting democratic progress in Tanzania and to its people {Citizens.]

Social media channels has put contribution to security to get substantial stability in the country. People or citizens use to report criminal events where they happen to particular offices or police and urgently taken into considerations. This results to fewer occurrences of criminal cases, this is an outcome of technology that has given birth to social media channels.

These social media channels are so important, this is due to the development of sciences and technologies many people are forced into in order to go with time and get updated. Many people use mobile phones, internet, twitter accounts, Facebook pages to get friends and communicating with friends and relatives live far and others not live far but aiming at linking business affairs. People perform well in business because of the usage of social media channels, business men manage to get the day-to-day dollars rates trough the usage of social media channels.

Tanzania  Government opting to social media channels as a medium for ensuring its citizens are well reached with their problems and claims that their Government supposed to do to them; it is right and very right time because now the technology is the heart of the development of any society or country in the entire world. The only thing the Government should do to its people is ensuring the social media channels come and people use while they are of good standard in order to reduce reworks, repairing, and increasing Waste Management. This can be done by the usage of high strategic intelligences, competitive intelligence as far as other countries do very well about this. This is supposed to be emphasized in all entry points of the country.” – Michael Vincent Mhagama – Tanga, Tanzania

One Response to Learner’s Submission: Social Media in Tanzania

  1. Michael Vincent Mhagama. says:

    My opinion on social media channels is that; It is important for Governments to use these social media channels to ensure all members of the country get their claims reach to their representatives about the soc-economic political issues that might in one way or another go wrong. Therefore, the social media channels facilitate all these get available to the citizens’ representatives and trying making follow up.

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