Learner’s Submission: Social Media in India

“The penetration of information and communication technology is going into deeper in public utilities. Presently third generation mobile technology is ruling through social media channels for entertainment, fun and public services. Present days there are many social media channels are using by various government departments at national, provincial and local level in a big country like India.

In a southern Indian state like Andhra Pradesh is using ICTs and social media extensively in various public service departments for interventions of welfare, development, empowerment and sustainability. At present the Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) is providing e-governance services by using social media platforms through 62 prime departmental web platforms (list of links can be accessed from http://portal.ap.gov.in/Services/Pages/service.aspx). Apart from this there are many web platforms are using by other government agencies like water supply, local governance, town planning, solid waste management etc.

Social Media Platforms – Essential Services: Water Supply & Sewerage Services
The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) is a single purpose agency to provide potable drinking water and sewerage management for 10 million people in Hyderabad city. The services of water board can be accessed from http://www.hyderabadwater.gov.in/wwo/. User can login through Facebook and they can get or require services 24X7 basis. Based on the customers needs through social media they will respond. Services through Facebook like complaints registration, online bill payment, tariff details, applying new water and sewerage connections, water supply timings and payment through electronic gateway. User also in touch round the clock with service provider.

Hyderabad Traffic Police
Coming to traffic management in Hyderabad through social media platform is giving good results. As India is witnessed for one billion mobile users and also 3G technology growing up many emergency services are using social media platforms especially Facebook as a good outreach to general public. The Hyderabad traffic police services are can get from http://www.hyderabadpolice.gov.in/Main/ImpLinks.htm and services can be accessed through mobile smart phone technology through the link http://www.facebook.com/HYDTP?ref=ts.

Facebook Traffic Management and Citizen’s Participation
By using Facebook traffic management through its page and body can login and post comments on traffic, road safety, status of traffic, routes diversion etc. These days it has become much popular because many netizens are updating traffic related aspects. Many citizens are commenting on traffic police efficiency, suggestions and feedback etc and they are helpful to give good services and grievances are addressing by authorities concerned for better services.

As 3G & 4G mobile/smart phone technologies are using by mobile phone users services through social media will available more in near future.

Coming to core banking facilities in various banks including public sector and state owned banks are providing e banking facilities. Many customer services are providing through social media platforms. Facebook is using extensively for customer related aspects like new banking products, social security schemes and health, general and life insurance policies. Many state owned banks are giving services to marginalized people through e platforms.

Direct Cash Transfer Scheme (DCTS)
Recently the Government of India has taken a policy decision to give government benefits through various social security, welfare and development programs in a cash mode. For this government announced Direct Cash Transfer Scheme (DCTS). Through this all benefits to poor and beneficiaries will get through bank account through transfer of amount. Many departments are planning now to use social media for this scheme implementation successfully with a transparency.

Right To Information (RTI)
Right To Information (RTI) act is implementing through social media platforms using by various government departments. Especially for the RTI information commissioners are backbones for implementation. Central and State information commissioners are using Facebook and other blogs to create awareness.

ICT and social media are becoming an integral part of an average citizen of India. As technology is giving options to use and get more services from government departments it is growing up rapidly. We can say social media will play an important role in each and every part of citizen’s life. There is no exaggeration to say the social media can facilitates welfare, development, empowerment and sustainability to citizens in this earth.” – Sriram Kannekanti – Hyderabad, India


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