Learner’s Submission: General Overview of HRCD

“Human resource capacity development has been critical issue for every Country since the beginning of scientific and modern form of government administration post industrialization.

In general scenario the policies, vision and aims of development of any government is implemented through its human resources deployed in various department of the Government offices. And mostly other stakeholders of the society who may plat important role are mostly neglected. Hence development takes place but at lower speed because of non participation all stakeholders in full capacity owing to no clear commitment towards HR capacity development in all level.

In order to understand the issue the Government must take this as most prioritized area of their function. There must be political will, unity and consensus to carefully examine the gap and formulate polices to meet the need of capacity development.

The level of literacy, education and higher education together with supporting infrastructure also suggest the inclination of government towards use of capacity development of human resource towards bigger development goals. So the emphasis on education would result in less pressure on capacity development of HR and its role in nation’s development.

The leadership of the human resource ministry must be of sound capacity, ministerial leadership plays important role in disseminating the polices to human resource of the government. The role of ministerial head as role model is very much need of the time.

It requires to completely revamp, rewrite and transform the human resource polices of the government to ensure fair deal for all section of society and which best suit the current scenario of the country with factors like- population, educational level, unemployment, economy, industrialization fiscal deficit etc.

Role of private entrepreneur can’t be neglected and should be properly utilized to see the marked deference in HR capacity Development.

In conclusion the capacity development of Human resource with reference to developmental goal is complex issue which may be working b y joining all stake holders of society together.” – Vinod Singh – Kolkata, India


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