Learner’s Submission: Aligning HR Capacity Development with the Country’s Development

“Human Resources by definition refers to people, policies and practices within the organization used to ensure effective and efficient use of the people and their knowledge, skills and attributes to ensure the achievement of the organizations/countries objectives. While Human resource capacity development; refers to the whole system of providing/or ensuring development, training, and learning within an organization [s], it must be for both, that is to say; individuals and in the context of business strategy. Human being is the first resource and always the meaningful development begins from the human being as the result of thoughts.

Development always is in the form of change and it always begins from the mind and it is called the radical change because it involves the whole entire of human being. Development is the result of planning and it must have a starting point and ending point.  In this case the social relationship or economic levels can only be reached when it is facilitated by effective leadership. Leadership, anywhere it must be an ability of a person to convert people’s intention/or desires into concrete reality, and guiding them to achieve the right purpose. Or ability to establish necessary relationship, mobilizing energies and talents of staffs and manage resource for optimal results.  Leadership helps people to use their mind to reach their right purpose, because it is the leadership which assists to draw the map where all arrive their, since no one wills what is bad. Anything which can lead people out, automatically people go into it When understand where to go, people are automatically cooperating. Leaders read the map, that is; the development vision and convey to the people.  And therefore the following needs to be done to align the human resources development with the countries development:

  1. The needs of top leadership to align human resource capacity development, with the country development strategy, this requires the countries situation analysis (SWOT Analysis) by looking at the countries strength, weaknesses and opportunities and threats, looking at what is sensitive and requires the development of the necessary skills in every area of countries development.
  2. There is also need for the country to develop Human resources capacity policies across all sectors of  development this will enhance the implementation of these/human resources capacity development.
  3. Establishment of Result based monitoring and evaluation of the human resource                                             capacity development the results of which can be used for policy development and decision making process on what is best for the country the development.
  4. Provision of adequate resources and well developed facilities and to the right place and for the right purpose will ensure establishment of an accurate human resource capacity  development practices which are geared towards achievement of the countries development goals. ” – Michael Vincent Mhagama – Tanga, Tanzania

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