Learner’s Submission: Potential User of RBME in Ethiopia

“PMU (program management unit) is the potential user of RBME in our organization. Which includes the department of management unit, financial unit, human resource and more specifically or majorly the monitoring and evaluation department.

The system is used with regional government to identify the most important value chain and then finds the bottlenecks and missing links and identifies ways to fix these while increasing the value added business, to follow-up the progress of the program or project and to know the impact. Valuable use of the system (to understand the progress, weaknesses, expected output and impact of the project or programmer) forces the organization to use the system.

These are done most of the time directly communicating with stack holders by interviewing about generally – the good side and   problem side of the program. But when RBME is done all the necessary steps are given high value.

The e- learning  courses by UNPAN – develops and helps the knowledge of the experts and managers who undertake the responsibility of executing and managing the activities of the projects and programmes and the ultimate objective of the project or program will achieved through monitoring and evaluation. So such courses are very necessary especially for developing countries to fulfill the ultimate objective of MDG.” – Gurmesa Kibrat – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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