Learner’s Submission: Online Services in Canada

“I moved from Grenada to Canada in April of 2011, after spending almost 6 years in Grenada. Being at the policy level in a developing country pushing for e-governance was really hard. I just wanted to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but it was hard to sell the positive impact it can bring to society.

Here I will give an example of Property Tax payment in Canada. I have an online account in my bank’s website, and through this account I can pay all my utility bills and my taxes. I pay online, at the ease of my convenience, and I can also pre-authorize my payments so I will not miss them or be late.

The drivers license and license plate renewal  can be done in kiosks located in shopping malls, which serve as a one stop shop for most government services. In Grenada, it takes a day to renew your license or pay taxes.  People who live in parish areas have to travel to the office, paying for the bus fare plus for his/her food for the day, so they can pay their taxes or renew their licenses.

I would definitely like to see one day Grenada with all the social and economic benefits that is possible to offer to citizens through the implementation of e-government applications. By doing so, I am positive that the productive time of people could be saved and used for other activities. There is a need to show some quick solutions, maybe with economic reward, to encourage governments to really make use of ICTs and other e-governance practices as an economic vehicle for development. This will bring transparency, accountability, and will facilitate citizen’s lives. I believe that for this to happen, there is a need of the private sector to play a more active role in governance process. Public Private Partnership (PPP) is one of the best models for e-government application for economic benefit.” – Anurag Sinha – Ontario, Canada


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