Learner’s Submission: Aligning Human Resource Capacity Development in Romania

What needs to be done by top leadership to align Human Resource Capacity Development with the development vision of the country? – First of all, I think that a well developed and motivated human resource is a fundamental factor for a country sustainable development.

Because we are talking about Romania there are some things that must be taken into account. With its entry into the European Union (EU) in 2007, Romania has an opportunity to benefit from Community Funds. For that matter it has been and it is still assisted with setting up the required administrative and legal mechanisms and helped clarify responsibilities for the implementation process, including priorities for strengthening administrative capacity. As a result, the national strategy targets priorities such as: development of basic infrastructure in line with European standards; increasing the long-term competitiveness of the Romanian economy; development and more efficient use of Romania’s human capital; building an effective administrative capacity and promoting balanced territorial development. Balanced development throughout the territory is one of the main strategic priorities for Romania, where the aim is to achieve external convergence with the EU as well as internal cohesion.

From my point of view, certain steps must be taken in order to develop the human resources development component: establish partnerships for capacity building, analyse the human resource situation, plan a strategy, continuous monitoring of the activities. Human resource aspects should be considered as an integral part of the overall development of the national service delivery strategy.
The main contextual factors affecting capacity development might include:

  • low budget allocation to services;
  • limited impact of prior capacity development efforts (where capacity development was equated with ‘training,’ and this was generally remote from work realities);
  • a poor perception of public services among citizen-users;
  • weak administrative capacity;
  • lack of trained staff, problems in selection criteria;
  • weak strategic capabilities;
  • poor coordination;
  • weak transparency;
  • frequent transfers within the civil service and generally poor incentives in that environment for leadership or application of new learning.

In my opinion, an important thing to be done by Romanian top leadership is to promote active employment measures for the inactive population. We can all see that increasing economic competitiveness requires a more effective utilisation of human resources. In response to the structural labour market problems linked to the low participation rates and a lack of skilled workforce in specific regions and occupations, a strong focus will be given to the promotion of human resource development for the labour force as a whole. Accordingly, in line with the revised European Employment Strategy, high priority will be attached to delivering active labour market policies which target the unemployed (including youths, long-term unemployed and older workers), the low skilled, the vulnerable groups as well as the inactive population.


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