Learner’s Submission: How to Increase Demand for RBME

“M. Adil Khan of UNDESA defines results-based monitoring and evaluation as “an exercise to assess the performance of and institution and/or a programme or project on the basis of impacts and benefits that the institution and/or the programme/project is expected to produce”.  RBME is therefore results oriented, pro-active rather than reactive.

RBME has become a fundamental approach to the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. It has nevertheless been observed that most learning organizations, based in developing countries fail to meet their aims because they focus mainly on reporting more on their activities and processes rather than reporting on results accomplished. This attitude therefore influences them to set ambiguous goals, which become difficult to achieve.

Some organizations have of recent decided to shift towards the use of RBME, after their governments have embraced the Millennium Development Goals. Botswana in one of those countries since most organizations here are now using this pro-active tool. However, user demand for RBME information is significantly limited. There is a need for user demand to  be increased considerably.

I will deploy the following strategies to increase user demand for RBME:

1. Stake-holder involvement; I will ensure that partners in the use of RBME are fully involved in the design, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of RBME and its information. Involvement of all partners in the RBME will promote support for the aims and objectives of the RBME, thereby facilitating its success and user demand for its information.

2. Establish appropriate mechanisms and modalities; I will put in place parameters on which appropriate technologies will be used to enhance the user demand for RBME. As a learning organization, my organization will have in place systems that will enable users of RBME information to effectively use information technology.

3. Create knowledge sharing atmosphere; I will devise a knowledge management strategy that will create knowledge sharing atmosphere and attitude among the current, potential and prospective users of RBME information. Those people who are knowledgeable about RMBE will be motivated to make their knowledge accessible to those who need it and those who want to use it. This is would involve codification of tacit knowledge so that it can be documented, manipulated and disseminated to the intended users of RBME information

4. Good policy decisions; I will help the organization to come up with policies that will entice users to demand RBME information. Policies may come in the form of use of friendly language instead of jargon, use of supportive technology and learning materials.

5. Align information to government activities; I will connect RMBE information to the principal government programmes, projects and activities in order to enhance its relevance and increase its user demand.

6. Capacity development; User demand for RBME will also be increased by organizing in-service training for the current, prospective and potential users of RBME information. If they have necessary skills and knowhow users are likely to demand more of the use of RBME information.

7. Rewards and incentives; I will increase user demand for RBME information through both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Users will be motivated to develop interest in the use of RBME.

8. Have a powerful RBME champion; The organization will identify and appoint champions who truly believe and have confidence on RBME information. Champions will be empowered to be at the forefront of enhancing the demand for the user of RBME information.

9. Participation of workers; To have a sense of ownership to the RBME information personnel will be involved in all stages of RBME creation. Workers will then fully utilize the RBME information since they were initially involved.


This submission has come up with eight strategies which I believe are appropriate to a developing organization, including mine. If the above strategies are fully implemented, I can assure you that user demand for RBME will tremendously increase.” – Mpho Kasoka – Ganzhi, Botswana


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