Learner’s Submission: RBME System of an Organization in India

“I believe in having each device secured and monitoring each device, rather than just monitoring holistically on the network, and then responding in short enough time for damage control.” – Kevin Mitnick

“PMO (Program/Project Management Office) department is the potential User of RBME System in our Organization. PMO handles stand alone world-wide projects as well as projects in collaboration with other private enterprises and government organizations.

PMO looks into various aspects like Project Management Methodology, Planning and Monitoring, Work Breakdown Structure, Planning governance, Tracking tasks and corrective actions, Communication and Reporting, Status reporting principle, Issue Management, Change control and evaluation, Contract and Financial Management, Resource management, Managing the people dimension, Quality Management, Risk Management, Knowledge transfer process, Documentation and Monitoring results on a timely manner and reporting the same to the responsible team.

These above mentioned activities give a clear picture that PMO is in continuous process of monitoring and evaluating the series of activities till the project is stabilized. Post-implementation of the project also calls for frequent monitoring to check whether the said project is giving results as per the determined goals.

One such example of the RBME system involved in our organizational project is the “Smarter Planet strategy” based projects.

The biggest and the smartest advantage of RBME system is that, it ensures that the goals are in the right track compared to the established strategic goals during the planning phase. Role clarity of personnel is very important while implementing projects to avoid confusions and passing the buck attitude. Frequency of monitoring and evaluation should be determined as per the organization’s project. Environment in which the project will be implemented/ operating should also be considered while determining the frequency.

Change is constant. Nothing is permanent in this world except change. World-wide and nation wide projects should always be ready for the change to instill the necessary requirements to the on-going project. Change for good and change to survive should be kept in mind for better implementation. Suggestions and recommendations should be seeked in a timely manner coupled with RBME.

To conclude, RBME plays a vital role in any kind of organization and it should be made as a practice and a separate COE (Center of Excellence) can be established.” – Machane Daniel Isaac – Mysore, India.


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