Learner’s Submission: e-Government services in the Russian Federation

“Nowadays the technologies of e-Government are being rapidly implemented all over the world. It’s become clear that the electronic format is the only way acceptable.

In Russian Federation the development of e-Government is on its early stage, however the public service recognize that this question is of great importance. At this area much was gained:

  • the second  year of the operation of the governmental portal http://www.gosuslugi.ru, which provide public services in different areas such as civil rights, visas, registration and others, and the range of this services becoming broader;
  • the portal of the State Tax Service of the Russian Federation http://www.nalog.ru demonstrates a high level of effectiveness; it provides the option of the private office of taxpayer and the possibilities of online submission of applications for receiving an individual taxpayer’s number and filling of a tax return;
  • already created websites of state executive bodies; these sites are meeting the main criteria of governmental portals content.

However, a lot of critical failures are taken place on the field of realization e-Government implementing policy:

  • web-portals of regional executive authorities are mainly poor informative and inconvenient;
  • high ranking officials and consulting companies emphasize the ineffectiveness of budgetary spending at this area;
  • the rank of Russian Federation e-Government is at the lower levels, in group with e-Government outsiders and no progress (ranked #60 in the UN E-Government Survey 2008 and #59 in the 2010 survey).

But the federal authorities have acclaimed it enthusiastically, and the President and Prime-Minister regularly underline the actuality of this subject. “We must to bring this work to a logical end”, declared V. Putin at government session on 24 March, 2011.

As for me, I used online public service only once. It was at the portal of the State Tax Service of the Russian Federation www.nalog.ru on March, 2011. I had a necessity for receiving an individual taxpayer’s number.

I filled the necessary form with my data (name, address, passport number and so on) and received the email notification that my request had been admitted to examination. Within a few hours I received another letter which notified that my request had been admitted to implementation, and in order to receive a certificate with my individual taxpayer’s number, I needed to go to the Tax Administration (address and working hours attached) in a week, but no later than three weeks after that notification. In the email there was also information about documents which I should bring with me.

One week later I went to the tax service and found there a huge line near the window “Individual taxpayer’s number” – but since I had requested the service online, I did not have to stay in the queue, so I received my certificate very fast.

There are several online public services in Russian Federation, and I know people who are its active users. However, there are still a lot things to be done at this area in our country.” – Balashova Ekaterina – Moscow, Russian Federation.


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