Learner’s Submission: Human Resource Capacity Development in India

What needs to be done by top leadership to align Human Resource Capacity Development with the development vision of the country?

“If you want 10 days of happiness, grow grain. If you want 10 years of happiness, grow a tree. If you want 100 years of happiness, grow people.” – Harvey Mackay – Author, motivator and CEO, Mackay Envelope Company.

“From the above quote it is clear that it’s the people who are most valuable and can bring a positive change in the society. Their development and the nation’s development should compliment/align each other. It’s essential to go an extra mile to make a smile. And I’m sure the journey will be exciting…

In order to align Human Resource Capacity Development with the development vision of the country, it is important to develop an effective action plan which is well-structured and coordinated for the entire country at different levels and get the top leadership committed to achieve the end results. In the process of framing a state plan, it’s essential to communicate clearly the mission statement of alignment to the people involved in bringing the change. Once this is done, analyzing the present environment and the country’s capability or self-assessment need to be performed. Through this, establishing goals and formulating strategy to align the development with vision becomes meaningful.

Seeking expert advice from the member states and operating through best practices with the help of international and regional organizations will go a long way in achieving the alignment which will lead to human harmony and well-being.

Policy interventions are required to some extent in the changing scenario amidst globalization and information technology revolution. Understanding the challenges posed by training and capacity building processes at a nationwide makes it essential to make the alignment agenda part of public services commission.

Establishment of regulating authority to monitor the training and ensure standards is maintained.

Mobilization of resources to assist country’s capacity development efforts.

Effective communication, listening to problems and ideas coupled with motivating people involved at all levels of implementation should be practiced.

Continuous feedback/evaluation system must be in place to monitor the progress.

Cross-utilization and cross-training can also be practiced in bridging the existing gap in development.

Effective use of sophisticated technologies and smarter policies with innovation filled system powered by strategic leadership will play a vital role in the alignment or bridging the gap. This will also help in the smooth functioning of the plan, interconnecting with stakeholders in real time to boost the alignment resulting in growth, innovation and progress. Effective collaboration among numerous sectors and communities to execute transparency, accountability, managing resources more effectively help in promoting economic growth. This fosters a better alignment.

Empowering leadership at all levels can truly transform the nation. Strengthening and developing the capacities of human Resources across sectors through effective, comprehensive, systematic and continuous trainings – will help in the implementation of proper alignment.

To conclude in a nutshell, the alignment of Human Resource Capacity Development with the development vision of the country should try to bring a sustainable, developmental and responsive change. These measures will assist in making the nation well-equipped to cope with the challenges in the cut-throat competitive era.” – Machane Daniel Isaac – Mysore, India.


One Response to Learner’s Submission: Human Resource Capacity Development in India

  1. Vandana says:

    I agree with Mr. Daniel. It is a well written article. However I feel for any policy to be effective, one has to have a government which is accountable and ethical. When governments are lost in power struggles, capacity development of human resources take a back seat. Governments fail to understand that it is finally the human resources which bring in success and prosperity to any country.

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