What’s new on the UNPAN OTC

Dear users,

As you probably noticed, the UNPAN Online Training Centre was recently upgraded. Now, in order to receive the digital certificate,  we require a minimum score of 60% in the first attempt of the assessment (the answers are shown after the 1st try, so for this reason we do not consider the subsequent attempts). If you fail in the first attempt, don’t worry: you will be able to retake the test after two months.

Printed certificates will also be issued. For that, users who successfully complete a course are asked to submit a text on a suggested topic (see example below). The submitted texts that meet our requests  will be published in this blog, so other users can read and learn with your experiences.

The blog should also be used as means of contact between you and the UNPAN Online Training Centre team, so if you have any doubt related to course content or access, certificate, suggestion, or other,  please do not hesitate to post your comment.


2 Responses to What’s new on the UNPAN OTC

  1. Jean Nichols says:

    I would like to find out if UNPAN offers online certificate training in the area of Public Relations and Corporate Communications.

    Jean Nichols

    • Michelle Alves de Lima says:

      Dear Jean,

      The UNPAN Online Training Centre offers courses on Electronic and Mobile Government, Institution and HR Management, Knowledge Management in Government Organization and MDGs. You can check all the UNPAN courses at http://www.unpan.org/elearning.

      Thank you for your interest.

      Best regards,


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